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Our terms of use

Hi, friends! Here's some information about how Dress to Impress is meant to be used. The rules here aren't very formal, but we hope they're clear, and we take them very seriously. Thank you for taking the time to read!

Who can use this service

No crypto or NFT projects. Dress to Impress must not be used as part of a cryptocurrency-related or NFT-related project, commercial or otherwise. If you use our code, service, or data to generate NFTs or other products distributed on the blockchain or similar technologies, the expected remediation is to cease and desist all distribution of works derived from this service, in addition to offering appropriate compensation.

Some users might get banned. We sometimes refuse service to users we feel are detrimental to our community, at our sole discretion. This includes users who post content that doesn't adhere to our terms, which you can see below.

What you can post on this service

Keep it Neoboard-safe. allows links to Dress to Impress, so everything needs to be safe for Neopians of all ages! Please keep all content "PG" and appropriate for young community members, just like you do on (That said, the rules on the Neoboards haven't always been morally right, such as when LGBTQIA+ discussion was banned. We'll always diverge from those rules when it's ethically appropriate!)

Don't sell things for real money here. We don't have the capacity to validate who is and isn't a legitimate seller, so we err on the side of safety and ban all sales. If you're selling something, please do it in a community where trust and reputation can be managed more appropriately, and please make sure it's in line with Neopets's terms.

How you can use our data

Be thoughtful using Neopets's data. While Dress to Impress has a license to distribute Neopets data and images, we aren't authorized to extend all of the same permissions to you. Please think carefully about how you use Neopets's art and data you find on this site, and make sure you're complying with their licensing agreements and fair use laws, especially for derived works like outfits. But personal use, and usage that stays on our site, are always okay!

Be thoughtful using user-generated data. Some data posted to Dress to Impress is generated by our users, like their outfits and item lists. When you post those to Dress to Impress, you grant us a license to redistribute them with attribution as part of the site's functionality, respecting your privacy settings when applicable. But each user still owns their own creations, so only they can grant you permission to use or share it yourself.

Please reach out before using our APIs! If you'd like to use our data to build something new, please contact us! We'd like to help if we can. But please don't use our APIs without talking to us first: it can cause performance issues for us, and reliability issues for you. But we have a few folks who use Dress to Impress for things like Discord bots, and we'd like to support you and your community too!

Warranty and liability

Our data won't always be correct. While we do our best to keep the customization on our site in sync with, sometimes our data is out-of-date, and sometimes an item looks different on our site than on We're glad to be a resource for users buying Neocash items, but as an unofficial service we simply can't make guarantees, and we encourage you to check other sources before making a purchase.